The Google Play store serves thousands of options to users daily. Whether they enjoy puzzle games, going on quests and defeating evil in order to save a kingdom, or want to just simply check the weather, there’s an app for that! In fact, Google Play offers many apps for that. And in a world of apps, how can developers know if they will be successful? What makes an app great?

Feature Engineering and Data Wrangling

In order to predict whether or not an app will be successful, I engineered a feature called ‘Successful_Rating’. If an app received a rating of 4 or more, it’s value…

The awe and wonder of a starry sky is something we have all experienced at least once in our lives. We’ve all stood watch while constellations danced across the night sky. Some stars are bright and vibrant, while others appear just barely visible. It can be a cold reminder of how small we are and how big the universe really is. From small red dwarfs to massive hypergiants, these celestial beings come in a vast array of different sizes. So, how many types of stars are there and what do we really know about them?

Ashley Brooks

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